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Chiropractor Fremantle

Chiropractor Fremantle

What to expect?

Knowledge & Experience

With decades of combined industry experience you can rest assured that are being treated by a fully qualified, experienced chiropractor.

Private Health

HICAPs is available at our practice so you can swipe your card (private health insurance) and you will only be left with the gap to pay.



X-Rays are not always required although they may be requested in order to assist your chiropractor to ascertain the best treatment for your specific conditions.

The Process

Once your chiropractor has reviewed your medical history and X-Rays (if applicable) they will conduct a thorough examination.


Neck Pain

Neck pain can often be the cause of other conditions such as headaches and shoulder or arm pain. If you have various similar conditions you should speak with a chiropractor.


Chiropractors offer medication-free methods that are safe and gentle which have helped a myriad of patients suffering from tension or migraine headaches.


Countless woman suffer from lower back pain during pregnancy which can often be alleviated with effective chiropractic treatments.


Lower Back Pain / Sciatica

Lower back pain or Sciatica can prevent you from having the mobility to do the things you love. The correct treatment can provide long term relief.

Babies & Infants

The birth process can potentially injure delicate structures in a babies neck, which can then lead spinal issues. Ensure your newborn is treated to help avoid long term issues.

Shoulder, Elbows & Hands

Mechanical problems with the lower back can potentially cause hip pain, leg pain, sciatica, pins and needles, numbness and other conditions.


Initial Consultation: $75
Spinal Adjustment: $55
Concession: $50
Children (Under 18): $45

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Do you have a cancellation policy?Yes, our cancellation policy can be viewed by clicking here.